Dora Montegriffo

The 2023 competition

We have winners. Congratulations!


Year 5/6 

Winner :                      Sienna Morello Reyes (Loreto)
Runner up :                 Matthew Ellul (St Joseph’s)
Highly Commended :  Daniel Murto-Gavira (St Anne’s)

                                   Jayke Santana Rodriguez (St Joseph’s)

                                   Olivia Cocklan (Bishop Fitzgerald)

                                   Anabel Carruthers (Loreto)

                                   Leah Macedo (Bishop Fitzgerald)

                                   Leon Reed (home schooled)

                                   Reece Silva (St Anne's) 


Year 3/4

Winner :                     Dianan Faith (Bishop Fitzgerald) 
Runner Up :                Nicholas Afzan (Bishop Fitzgerald)
Highly Commended:   Ryan Zammit Reyes (St Joseph's U Primary)

                                   Faye Zammit Reyes (Bishop Fitzgerald)

                                   Megan Lopez (Bishop Fitzgerald)

                                   Eliyah Avizemel (Bishop Fitzgerald)





The first competition took place in early 2023 with entries submitted by Friday 13 January 2023 to the Head of Art of the student’s school and there were two categories of prizes:


  • Upper Primary School (Senior): years 5 and 6
  • Upper Primary School (Junior): years 3 and 4


  • There were winners and runners up in each category and the prizes were:

  • Winners: £75 in cash and £100 worth of artists materials

  • Runners up: £75 worth of artists materials

Commended pieces received £25 worth of artists materials 

Although there was no specific theme for the competition this first year, students were encouraged to draw inspiration from Dora Montegriffo’s own works which can be viewed here.  Winners and commended pieces will be posted on the website.

For any queries, please e-mail: